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In response to: The illusion of romantic love

stephanie [Visitor]
Hello, I must say your marriage reminds me of my relationship. Im with the man I love, father of my kids, companion, and best friend. However, he has cheated on me a few times in the past, nothing physical...except with one chick when we were seperated, but all have been on his facebook, email, or on other social networking sites. Ive never cheated on him and thats real but i constantly find myself trying to prove my trust to him. He swears to me that he knows my secrets, but how do you prove to someone that youve always been faithful? My relationship is strained and my tears flow by the many, and he will sit there and just let me cry. No sympathy or compassion of any kind. Recently, i found a message to a lady he was trying to meet up with out of town, but tells me thats my fault for finding the message because i shouldnt have went through his phone! I couldnt believe it, but thrn i could because thats the type of person he is when he is mad at a me..a complete ass! We both have questioned the relationship and are trying to keep our family together, but i dont know how long this trying will last. I am so sorry your marriage is breaking up and i hope that you can find peace within your heart. Time heals all wounds and you may actually find relief once you both are apart.
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